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Record Holder Award

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Left to Right: Pam Brown—Simply MindBodyHealth, Jennifer Dodge—Manual PT, Charles Landry—Landry Osteopathic, Jill Willer—Cornerstone Wellness, and Shellie Cook—Cornerstone Wellness. Not pictured: Tiffany Manson—The Canvas of Life Counseling and BJ Grondin—PRIME360.

We are pleased to announce the Cornerstone Record Holder award!

Cornerstone Wellness Center is a collaborative of health and wellness practitioners, offering: psychotherapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, fitness options/performance enhancement/movement therapy, dietitian services, and acupuncture. We are very happy to sponsor this award as we are all committed to overall health, wellness, and vitality and we are exploring how we can connect with our community in a supportive and encouraging way!

Here is how it works: If a course record is established for either men or women in the Fit Fest, a $100 cash bonus will be awarded in addition to the race winnings. If a record is not established then the funds roll to Emily’s Run, so on and so forth till a record falls.

One course record was set in 2019 and two course records were set in 2017 by male runners. The female Cornerstone Wellness Center Record Holder Award will be $700 for the 12th races!

Current Record Holders

YMCA Fit Fest-Male
Record Holder:

Ryan Smith, 14:49 (2019)

YMCA Fit Fest-Female
Record Holder:

Erica Jesseman, 16:59 (2016)

Emily’s Run-Male
Record Holder:

Jesse Orach, 15:07 (2017)

Emily’s Run-Female
Record Holder:

Michelle Sumner, 18:02 (2013)

L/A Bridge Run-Male
Record Holder:

Ryan Smith, 15:04 (2017)

L/A Bridge Run-Female
Record Holder:

Kristin Barry, 17:19 (2006)